Thursday 5 December – Grantown Road (South side)

Thursday 5th Dec Route 2

            Meet at Forres Health Centre @ 5.45pm

Santa Stops  6.30pm Glenelg/Grant Dr

                      7.15pm  Corrour Ct/ Grant Dr

                      7.45pm Viennenberg/ Grant Rd

  Thornhill, Grant Road, Mount Dora, into the new Twinning Rd & Corries Way )

Continue up Grantown Rd, some collectors break off to go up the houses of Torridon Place (opposite the open field) & get through to join Grant Drive. 

Sleigh turn Right into first Grant Drive with a view to doing the loop anticlockwise.  Sleigh keep to Grant Drive while a lot of collecting down the side cul-de-sacs.

SANTA STOP 6.30pm  Glenelg/ Grant Road

SANTA STOP 7.15pm of Grant Dr and Corrour Ct for 10mins

Continue along Grant Dr .At Grant Road turn right and

Stop at 11Grant Rd

Helpers to cover cul-de-sacs, continue to Grant Rd West, turn right up to cul-de-sac , then continue straight along , stop at No11, Turn left to Mount Dora, turn at hammerhead & back, turn left, turn left and stop at No6.

Turn right onto Corries Way , SANTA STOP 7.45pm

stop at No 13, turn around in cul-de-sac and stop at No29, back along turn right and Finish

Friday 6th Dec  Route 3

  Meet Balnageith Rise @ 5.45pm

Santa Stops  6.30pm Balnageith Rise

                      7.15pm Brander Gardens

                      7.45pm Cumiskie Way

At first roundabout turn Right into Knockomie  Rise, straight on past the first left then bear left with a view to doing to loop anticlockwise.  Stop at Knockomie Rise 36-60, follow left then right at Balnageith Rise,

Stop at 48 Balnageith rise. SANTA STOP 6.30pm.Follow Balnageith Rise round to Whiterow Drive

, then back to Brander Gardens. SANTA STOP 7.15pm. Drive round to loop of Cumiskie way, back up through Whiterow tio Balnageith Rise

Turn right to Knockomie Rise 27-70, SANTA STOP 7.45pm

stop at hammerhead / cul-de-sac, Reverse direction.

Turn right stop at No6, Turn right back to Grantown Rd. Finish

Monday 9th Dec   Route 4

Santa Stops  6.30pm  Slessor Terrace

                      7.15pm  Burnside

                      7.45pm  Muirton Place

Kinloss North side               Meet entrance to North side at 5.45pm

Start Salmond Street drive up to end and then turn, take first right into Trenchard Crescent SANTA STOP 6.30pm. Continue round loop to Shackelton Way take first right at playing fields, follow road round and take first right, Slessor terrace, then turn first left and follow round to exit, cross over road to Burnside , turn first left into Burnside and follow loop all way round. SANTA STOP7.15 pm

, finish Burnside and then head for Muirton Place SANTA STOP 7.45pm

Tuesday 10th Dec Route 5

Santa Stops  6.30pm Easter Rd/Abbey Cres

                      7.15pm  Central Avenue

                      7.45pm  North Road

Southside Kinloss                 Meet  on Southside Rd leading to Easter Rd 5.45pm

Start and drive down Easter road, do loop of Easter Rd to Abbey Crescent SANTA STOP 6.30pm ,follow road back out of Easter Road, turn left North Road  and take second left into Central Avenue SANTA STOP 7.15pm follow road around Grange Road to South Road, follow roads to left loop onto Western Road back to North Road  SANTA STOP 7.45pm   then FINISH

Wednesday 11th Dec Route 6

  Knockomie / Falconer

Santa Stops  6.30pm  Knockomie Gardens

                      7.15pm  Darwin Drive                 

                      7.45pm  Dental Practice  Meet Knockomie Gardens @ 5.45pm

Turn into Knockomie Gardens, turn Left up to cul de sac, turn and drive out , turn Left and upto roundabout , come back to junction and stop on left SANTA STOP 6.30pm

 Out to main road turn first Left and proceed up Balnaferry Lane onto Darwin Drive to top, stop as required, No 17  turn SANTA STOP 7.15pm  right at Cautley Close and proceed to Dental Practice, park up

SANTA STOP 7.45pm  And parents can wait for Santa.

Thursday 12th Dec Route 7

Newton Dr, Watt Road etc (new part of Falconer)Mannachie Rise Forres Heights

Santa Stops  6.30pm  Knockomie Braes


                      7.45pm      Meet  at Knockomie Braes @ 5.45pm

Meet at Knockomie Braes at 5.45pm , drive round , turn left to Scott Road, SANTA STOP 6.30pm

Turn right into Newton Drive  follow to Malcolmson Road follow loop round and out of Braes  Turn Left and go to Forres Heights, come out and turn left then right into Mannachie Rise do loop SANTA STOP 7.15pm

, out turn right and go to Mannachie and Grovita Gardens SANTA STOP  7.45pm


Friday 13th Dec Route 8  

   Mannachie gardens, Meet at Mannachie Road @5.45pm

Santa Stops  6.30pm  Mannachie Grove

                      7.15pm  Mannachie


 Mannachie Road,  up and then Rightinto Mannachie Gardens.  This is a lollypop loop – go straight on and do the loop clockwise and come back out turning Right on Mannachie Rd

Turn Right into Mannachie Grove.  SANTA STOP 6.30pm

Turn first Left, go to the end, turn sleigh and come out and turn Left onto Mannachie Grovedown to the end, turn come out and again turn Left down to the turning circle and wait while collectors go along the rest of the Gardens.  SANTA STOP 7.15pm

Come out of Mannachie Gdns and turn Right onto Mannachie Rd.

Cover Allan Drive and Finish

Monday 16th Dec Route

Meet at Dicksons Body Centre @5.45pm

Thornhill Cres, Fleurs, Anderson Cres, Macdonald Drive,

Santa Stops  6.30pm  Fleurs Place

                      7.15pm  Macdonald Dr

                      7.45pm  Anderson Cresc

Out St Catherine’s Rd and turn Right and go into Thornhill Cresent, drive round to cul de sac and turn, once complete turn Right and then first Left Fleurs Place 

 Right into Fleurs Rd .  Turn first Left into Fleurs Drive which is an L-shape.  At the foot turn Right and go along to the roundabout.

Go straight across the roundabout and up Anderson Cres.  After the first corner (a right hander) turn Left up Macdonald Drive which is a loop bringing you all the way back down to the roundabout.  Some collectors should carry on to Anderson Cres up to meet the sleigh further along Macdonald Drive.

On coming back down to the roundabout go Straight across, pause at the Chip Shop while collectors go into Plasmon Court.  Then  along Fleurs to Grantown/St Catherine’s Road.

Turn Right into town coming back down Mannachie Rd. 

Turn Right into Mannachie Terrace which has a turning circle for the sleigh.  Come back out onto Mannachie Rd and turn Right

Turn Right into Allan Drive which is a half circle coming back onto Mannachie Rd

Turn Right, do some collecting at St Catherine’s Court then back to the Dicksons

Tuesday 17th Dec  Route 10

 Orchard Rd,  Sanquhar area  Meet Albert Street @ 5.45pm

Santa Stops  6.30pm  Castle Street

                      7.15pm  Sanquhar Rd

                      7.45pm  Woodside

– Orchard Road, Castle Street, Roysvale, Woodside Drive,Sanquhar Terrace,  Sanquhar Road.

(Meet on Albert Street  5.,45pm )

Along Albert Street, turn right out to Orchard Rd, turn left into Kingsway follow loop onto Orchard Rd then Right into Castle Street.Drive along to the Academy, past the Swimming Pool and turn Right on Sanquhar Road.Turn left up Sanquhar Terr etc then down turn left , along and over the weir, turn Left and do the “Woodside Drive loop” clockwise.  Halfway round turn Left down into Woodside Park.  Come out, turn Left and resume the Woodside Drive loop.  On reaching Loch View, turn right stop  while the collectors do their stuff. 

Back down and all the way along Sanquhar Rd, to the end,   Finish at British Legion

Routes for Santa’s Sleigh December 2019

Wednesday 18th Dec  Route 11

  Meet old Tesco Building @ 5.45pm

Bogton Rd, North Rd,  Russell Place,  Croft Rd,   Doune Park

Santa Stops  6.30pm  Bogton Road

                      7.15pm  Croft Road

                      7.45pm  Tailwell

Go along Bogton Rd past Mechanics pitch, Stop at bottom of Russel Pl for 15 mins and allow collectors time to go up and around houses, carry along and onto Croft Rd, up and turn left into Doune Park.Back out to Victoria Rd along past St Johns and continue along North Rd and back to Start Point.

Thursday 19th Dec Route 12

 Forbeshill, Drumduan Gardens, Moray Gardens, Croft Road, Doune Park, Springfield Court

Santa Stops  6.30pm  Drumduan Park

                      7.15pm  Forbeshill Rd

                      7.45pm  Hilltop

(Meet at Police Station at 5.45pm ) some cars could go to Forbeshill

Start at Drumdauan Rd along and upto Drumduan Gardens. Back out and turn right up to Forbeshill

Go up Forbeshill, sleigh staying on the main drag while collectors do houses on left.

Up the hill turn Left into White Rd, down to the end and Right on Barwell Rd then Right again on Argentier Rd which brings you back to the main drag.  Turn Left

Continue up the main drag and turn Left into Birkenhillock. This is a cul-de-sac but long and probably worth doing.  Turn sleigh at end, come out onto main drag and turn Left

The top bit of Forbeshill is a loop – Earlsland Cres.  Suggest turn Left into Earlsland and do the loop clockwise.  Come back onto the main drag and come down turning Left into Highfield.

Go back to bottom and cross over and do Moray Gardens and then finish.

Friday 20th Dec  Route 13

Alexandra Terrace, Nelson Rd, St. Leonards Rd, St Leonards Dr, Adam Dr, Brewster Dr

                        St. Leonards Rd

Meet 5.45pm Garrows Garage